Frequently Asked Questions

What operating systems does NCoded work with?

NCoded UltraCom is provided for Android smartphones and tablets

How are encryption keys generated?

Keys are generated at the endpoint device creating a one-time use NIST FIPS 140-2 accredited AES-256 encryption key per communication. The initiator and the recipients are the only ones that know these keys. Your keys are not stored on our servers are also not saved on the UsltraCom endpoint.  There are destroyed after the communication session is completed. Key negotiations are performed using a Diffie-Hellman exchange, and will only communicate with
other licensed NCoded endpoints.

Do I have to be online to receive messages?

Yes. UltraCom does not store your communications on our servers. Your communications are encrypted and sent to the intended recipient(s), never requiring decryption along the communication path.  This creates endpoint-to-endpoint encryption. This requires the recipient to be online to receive the communications in real time.

Do you offer hosted or on premise solutions?

We provide a turnkey cloud solution, and have the ability to provide hardware servers in your datacenter, or even in the back of your Hummer . Our solutions do not store your communications on the servers. Your communications register to the server for awareness of when your contacts are online and offline. The servers themselves act as a secure centralized transport mechanism. This allows more flexibility in hosting methods.

Does NCoded support group/multi-party communications?

Yes. UltraCom supports group chat and group file sharing. 

What is EagleWatch?

ATAK and RaptorX are US government sponsored systems of record providing stand alone blue force tracking system integrated into UltraCom.


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