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Secure point-to-point high defintion audio and video

NCoded Ultra provides encrypted point-to-point HD audio and video calls. Each call is triply encrypted end-to-end with a unique, self-generated, one-time use AES-256 bit keys.
NCoded Ultra provides industry leading 3 levels of AES 256bit encryption for all communications, be it audio, video, text and more. 
In addition, all metadata, telecommunications information about a communications, is uniquely encrypted - providing operation incognito anywhere in the world.
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Secure messaging

NCoded Ultra provides encrypted text messaging (chat) and group messaging. Each chat communication session is triply encrypted during transmission. The first layer of encryption is an AES-256 bit tunnel between the application and our servers. The second layer is encrypted twice end-to-end. The second and third encryption key is a unique, self-generated, one-time use AES-256 bit key.

Secure location sharing

NCoded Ultra provides the ability to share your location with other contacts. This sharing of tactical location data is also triply encrypted.

How does it work?

NC Cloud1 Register

When UltraCom starts, a proprietary and secure tunnel between your device and our communications servers is established.  All messaging will go though this secure channel.

NC Cloud1 auth1

UltraCom generates one-time use AES-256 keys to communicate with selected NCoded Ultra recipients.  There are 2 keys generated for each communication session based on authentication of the other endpoint.  When authenticated, each NCoded Ultra endpoint independently creates 2 encryption keys for the unique communications session.  The third key is for server-based communications, and a similar process is used for these communications between the NCoded server and the UltraCom endpoints.

NC Cloud1 comm1
After endpoint authentication is completed, the communication session is started.
The communication session is as a result a uniquely triply encrypted data stream with end-to-end encryption.
No encryption key is stored and transmitted.  There is no ability to perform a MITM or other successful hacking attack against the device communications.

Server Hosting

Cloud Locations

Secure Cloud solution

We default deployment of NCoded Communications secure cloud servers in several geographic locations to meet your diverse geographic requirement. Each server is dedicated to your organization or mission team.

Should the requirements call for it, the UltraCom communication server and the MDM are available for local client deployment in their datacenter.

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